About Us/Where did we come from  



Rolling towards the future?  Whose future do we mean? Well, we mean your future, our future, and the future of Real Estate. In other words everyone’s! Rolling Real Estate is changing the old system and pioneering a new style of service. We exist by placing our clients' needs first. Everything else expands from this important and simple plan. Our Agents and Associates are far more experienced than a typical Firm. This equates to better service, smoother transactions, and more success for our clients financially, whether buying property, selling property, or both! You may be wondering how other Real Estate brokerages are designed. In the most simplistic explanation, Real Estate Brokerages have been run the same way for decades. The basic premise is to acquire as many agents as possible. They come in as 1099 contractors and are “self employed”. Then these “Agents” are charged large commission splits on the sales they perform, along with desk rents, to allow them to “BE an Agent”. The State law dictates that You MUST work under a Broker to be an agent. These new agents are the least experienced due to their lack of transactions and time on the job. After all, they are brand new! Statistically, most of these new agents will fail under this system, but only after they have sold a few properties and their Brokerage make a good amount of money off of their sales. Soon enough, the agents are unable to support themselves financially and they leave the business. NAR statistics NAR (National Association of Realtors) statistics show that roughly 90% leave in their first 2 years or less. The Brokerage  continues to recruit more new agents to repeat the cycle. The more agents they acquire, the more money they make. What is missing in this example of conducting Real Estate business? 

YOU! The Customers/Clients, the only reason the firm is able to 
operate, are at the very bottom of their concerns meaning the Client comes last. The clients will either thank, or blame, their agent as opposed to the Brokerage for how the transaction went. Whatever company that Agent works for is of little relevance. Our new agents are required to intern under an experienced Associate Broker for a minimum of 2 years, and must satisfy varying levels of experience before we allow them to operate independently. This allows our clients to enjoy more successful transactions. You will always come first with Rolling Real Estate!